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Adaptive Typography

Adaptive examples in Responsive Web Design.

Resize your screen in desktop to see HTML5 creatively adjust to various device widths!

Below are patterns that can solve common reponsive problems. They are not intended to be completely modular or reusable, just a proof of concept in cross-device layout patterns.

Adaptive Patterns -> resize sceen width in desktop to see content adaptation.

~ Presentation adapts to context.

Adaptive Content-Folding

~ Blocks adapt to context.

Adaptive Interdigitate

~ Layouts adapt to context.

Adaptive Floating Content

This is an adaptive horizontal layout wrapper. It demonstrates how margins and padding can flex responsively for UX enhancement.
- Ethan Marcotte shows us here.

Adaptive Floating Content (colored)

This is the same layout wrapper as above, except that it is colored to show margins and padding flexing responsively for UX enhancement.
- Padding and Margins adapt to context.

Adaptive Vertical Content

~ Click the button to add Vertical Dynamic Data.
This space will adapt based on loaded content.
- Vertical Content adapts to context.